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Mobile Caravan Bar Perth

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George is our beautifully designed and fully fitted out mobile caravan bar. With a quaint servery, fridges and freezers galore, and the best beer tap around, our Georgie boy is the perfect addition to your wedding or event. Wanting to bring our Caravan to life, Gorgeous George was lovingly named after Bronnie’s Grandad, who was always the life of the party! With his cheeky grin and his infectious laugh, we know that our beloved Grandad George will continue to live on in the parties Yard Bar Perth holds and serves at!

Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions
Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions
Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions

Meet Our Mother-Daughter Duo

Bronnie is our bubbly owner and chief celebration officer! Having the time of her life planning her own wedding, Bronnie felt her heart light up when creating a day that fulfilled her dreams and truly reflected who she was. Putting aside all tradition and formality, she and her husband-to-be wanted to do something relaxed and special. After attending countless rigid ceremonies and staunch evening celebrations throughout their lives, they were so excited to kick up their heels and enjoy a wedding party on their terms!

After this, Bronnie wanted to have this excitement for meaningful weddings every day. She wanted to help beautiful couples reflect on who they were, not conform to the latest tradition or family requests. When she found out Yard Bar & Co was for sale, she was over the moon and couldn’t wait to take the reins and bring her vision to life! Bringing Yard Bard down to Perth and establishing the business as her own has been the best adventure yet (aside from her beautiful marriage of course!).

Walking in her mum’s footsteps, Bronnie’s daughter, Alex, is joining the fun to help create gorgeous special occasions! With a heart for all things party and style, Alex is the perfect fit to ensure Yard Bar Perth can serve you well! She is right on to all the wedding trends you see year after year, and is perfect for creating events that scream your name!

Let’s drink to our new beginnings!

Yard Bar - Cheers
Our Mother Daughter Duo
Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions

The Origins

Yard Bar & Co has been around for quite some time! It started its beautiful beginnings in Geraldton, Western Australia created by a lovely couple, Tristan and Andrea. When deciding on a name for their newly found passion, they decided to pay homage to Tristan’s family farm, Yardgrove. This farm was in his family for generations, and they wanted to include his late parents and his rich farming history within the business.

Going along this theme and wanting to incorporate both families, Andrea’s heritage began with the early Dutch explorers that travelled along the wild west coast of Australia. The name Yard also felt like the perfect name to tie in Andrea’s family history because of the most interesting of little anecdotes! There was a term that was always quoted on the great ships sailing the high seas; the ship’s Captain was to have his first Rum for the day once ‘the sun had passed over the Yard arm’! This was a traditional nautical saying to indicate that it is time for a morning drink.

So Yard Bar & Co was born, linking so beautifully with the original visionaries of our charming Caravan Bar!

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