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How We Serve You

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So here you are, trying to organise a special occasion or event. It’s hard work putting all the puzzle pieces of planning together. You have ideas and dreams, you have a Pinterest board of inspiration and now you need help bringing that vision to life! Well, Yard Bar Perth and Gorgeous George are here to help bring the WOW to your wedding, party, function or special event. With the most beautiful and charming Mobile Caravan Bar, we can serve you delectable drinks and create the atmosphere you have always imagined.

We can take care of the drinks at so many special occasions, you will want Gorgeous George around all the time!
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Drinks Service & Bartending

What’s worse than having to serve at your own party? In our opinion, the answer is definitely “nothing is much worse than that!”. Look, we’ve all been the sibling roped into serving at a wedding, or the uncle to help tend the bar at an engagement party. Sure, you get to speak to people throughout the night, but it isn’t the same as being immersed in the fun.

By having Yard Bar take care of the bartending for you, you will be free to relax through the night without having to stress about a thing! You should be able to get through your party without worrying about your Mum’s cousin, who is tending the bar, trying to play matchmaker rather than keeping the glasses full. Using Yard Bar Perth’s bartending services is the best way to go!

We have a great team of RSA certified bartenders and serving staff who will provide fun and professional service, keeping the party going throughout the night! Depending on the size of your event, we will have an appropriate amount of staff to serve your needs; you can see the full details in our package options!

Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions
Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions

What about the drinks?

We operate a BYO service and do not sell or provide alcohol. What we can do is put you in touch with some of Perth’s specialty suppliers who offer great pricing for your event needs. We can also help with estimating quantities based on the hours of service and number of guests.

If you’re looking for a cash bar for your event, this can be discussed, just get in touch for more info!

Our Popup Bar

Don’t need any servers for your big event? Maybe you just want a cute bar to create an amazing atmosphere at your next party! We have a separate Bar Cart that we can hire out for events that do not need Bar Tenders or other staff. How fun is that!

Popup Bar Cart $500.00 + GST / Day

Yard Bar Mobile Caravan Bar Special Occasions

Are you ready to party?

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