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Is there are a charge for set up/pack down?

No, set up & pack down is included in the packaged price and we allow an hour at the start and at the end for this.

Do you charge a bond?

Yes a $200 glassware bond is required (this is refundable if there are no breakages).

Do your staff walk around to serve drinks, or do they stay behind the bar?

Unfortunately, our standard packages don’t include waiting staff for your drinks, only Bartenders within our Caravan. However, we have the option to add on additional serving staff to walk around serving drinks to your guests!

We generally recommend having 2 additional staff walk around serving drinks, so this will come to $480.00 + GST. However, your needs may vary depending on the number of guests, so we are happy to discuss your needs and provide a customised quote.

How are all the drinks kept cool throughout the event?

We have Fridges and Eskys inside our Caravan Bar to keep the drinks cool! However, this only fits a small portion of the drink on hand. We continually replenish them throughout the event. We recommend that you hire a Cool Room from the day prior to your event to chill the drinks and keep them cool while not in our caravan.

We love Lenny’s Family Butcher in Greenfields; he has a selection of cool rooms for hire! Or you can find your local hire company and talk to them about your options.

Does Gorgeous George require access to power?

Yes, Gorgeous George, our Caravan Bar does need electricity to keep the fridges running and the lights on. We recommend that if your event venue does not have access to power, that you hire a generator.

Does Yard Bar Perth provide the alcohol, or do I need to source this myself?

We operate a BYO service and do not sell or provide alcohol. What we can do is put you in touch with some of Perth’s specialty suppliers who offer great pricing for your event needs. We can also help with estimating quantities based on the hours of service and number of guests..

How many different alcoholic beverages should we include on our drinks menu?

We recommend offering variety to your guest by selecting:

  • 1 or 2 Reds: often a Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are a good choice
  • 1 or 2 Whites: Chardonnay and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc are often popular
  • 1 Sparkling Wine or Champagne: everyone loves a bubbly to celebrate!
  • 1 Rose or Sweet Wine: This is good to round our selection!
  • 1 Beer: We recommend a nice drinkable Pale Ale, most beer-drinkers like this!

You can also consider more out of the box options, like ciders!

The best thing to do is consider what type of drinkers your guest are! Keep that in the forefront of your mind as you are selecting your drinks. For instance, if you know your friends don’t drink a lot of white wine, but love a good red wine, maybe select 2 different reds and 1 white.

Our biggest piece of advice is, don’t be afraid to ask at your local supplier or bottle shop for some guidance – they know what sells well!

How much alcohol should we provide for our event?

There are a lot of different things you could consider when making this decision. The first things to know is what kind of drinkers your guests are. Do they like to party hard and drink lots of booze, or are casual drinkers, maybe sipping 2 or 3 glasses at an event?

We generally recommend considering the ratio between male and female guests too. While this is a big generalisation, men often drink more beer, and women more wine. So, it’s important to look at this with your guests in mind and base it around what they like to drink.

We recommend speaking with your supplier about quantities, they are often very helpful! Did you know that Cellarbrations has an option for ‘buy-back’ if the drinks have not been used and the labels are still in good condition? Check out your local Cellarbrations Liquor store and have a chat to them, they are so helpful!

Do we need to hire beer kegs separately, or do you provide us with kegs to have filled prior to our event?

We unfortunately don’t have kegs to hire or fill, however speak with your supplier about purchasing a Keg of Beer! Did you know, if you go into Cellarbrations, you can ask your customer service representative to order a Keg of Beer and it will be all organised for you. Then all you (or Yard Bar Perth) have to do is drop the keg back off after the event!

Local Companies that do Kegs:
Cellarbrations Liquor Stores
Running with Thieves

Check out your local Breweries too, often they can supply their beer in kegs, ready to go!

Our event is longer than 5 hours, what is the hourly rate for additional hours of service?

We understand, sometimes you just want to keep the partay going! We are more than happy to have bookings longer than 5 hours, however the pricing is based on the number of staff needed and the number of additional hours required.

Want a handy math formula to help give you a guide?
‘# of Staff’ x (55 x ‘# of Hours’) = Additional Cost to you!

For example, you are booking our Full Measure Package with no additional wait-staff and you need us for an additional 2 hours:
3 x (55×2) = $330.00 inc GST

Are there additional fees for weekends?

Most events are held on weekends, so we wouldn’t do that to you! All our pricing in transparent, so while there are premium add-ons to bring the WOW to your party, the day of the week isn’t one of them.

We are still waiting on some of our RSVPs, when will you need to know exact guest numbers?

It can be hard to know how many of your invited guests are coming to your event before RSVPs are in, so please don’t stress! At the time of booking we just need a ballpark number, and then the final guest count 1 month before the big day!

We are a little way out of Perth, does your Mobile Caravan Bar travel outside of the Perth Metro area?

We are totally excited to say yes! We are more than happy to travel to you! Recently we have even driven as far as Geraldton to do an event, so hit us up! We do have additional fees to help cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

Anything within 40km radius of Perth City is free of charge, however additional distance will be priced at $1.20 + GST/km.

Do I need to hire glassware separately?

All your glassware needs are incorporated into your package of choice, so no need to organise any extras!

I am selecting 2 Cocktails as an Add-on for my event! How does this work?

We are so excited you are adding some cocktails to your party, they really add some extra fun! Cocktails are served for the first 3 hours of your event. Cocktail Packages are $200.00 inc GST per Hour and include 2 cocktails of your choice from our cocktail menu! The minimum duration is 2 hours.

Want a fun Idea for your wedding? Both select your favourite Cocktail and present the Cocktail Menu as “His and Hers” or “The Couple’s Favs”, to personalise your day even more!

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